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Chef Silvio Cooks Lasagna on
Chef Silvio's Health Remedy
View Video of Chef Silvio Here

Watch Chef Silvio's Interview on NBC's Perspective TV

Watch him now!

Chef Silvio prepared some of his favorite, traditional recipes.

View his latest appearances on CT Style here!
Wednesday, January 24th - Watch him now!

Tuesday, December 6th - Watch him now!

Wednesday, November 16th - Watch him now!

Hear Chef Silvio's latest natural health remedy

View video of Chef Silvio here

Learn to make Bruchetta!
Easy & Cost Effective!

View video of Chef Silvio here

Chef Silvio is featured on Adventure Tours!

View video of Chef Silvio here

Hear his story and watch him cook a savory dish from his new cookbook!

Chef Silvo Suppa Of Cafe Allegre Joins Scot & Kara

View video of Chef Silvio on Better Connecticut here

CBS's Better Connecticut Health Remedies
Chef Silvio with Anthony Riccio gives hosts, Scott & Kara, a sneak peek into their book about the benefits from natural from the gardens of Italy!

Chef Silvio prepares Baramundi a new Australian fish on Fox-TV.

View video of Chef Silvo here

Recipe Here

Chef Silvio interviewed by Fox-TV's hosts Rachel Luzker and Jeff Valin.
Fox 61
View video of Chef Silvio on Fox here

They joined in to help make a Suppa family favorite - Cannoli Cake! We heard that they fought over the crumbs after he left the building! Check out the easy and delicious recipe online

Recipe Here

Chef Silvio on Better Connecticut
Chef Silvio on Better Connecticut
 View video of Chef Silvio on Better Connecticut here

CBS affiliate WFSB-TV invited Chef Silvio to be on their "Better Connecticut" program with hosts Scot Haney and Kara Sundlun. Chef Silvio made one of his favorite fall dishes, "Pumpkin Risotto."

Recipe here

The Chef also surprised them with his homemade "Pumpkin Chips"!  A great innovative crunchy topping complimenting his creamy mixture of Arborio Rice and saut�ed pumpkin.  When you're dining at Caf� Allegre ask the Chef about this dish and his delicious Pumpkin Chips!!

Chef Silvio on ABC's WTNH-TV
Chef Silvio WTNH
View video of Chef Silvio on Channel 8 here

ABC's WTNH-TV Hosts Sonia Baghdady and Darren Kramer watch Chef Silvio Suppa make Steak Pizzaiola.

Recipe here

Silvio was interviewed about his upcoming cookbook and his passion for Mediterranean cooking. This family favorite recipe is very economical and can stretch to feed the entire family�.especially with a nice side of pasta! Chicken can be used instead of steak.

Jim Masters Show on WELI

Silvio and Anthony Riccio chatted with Jim Masters about the book, Italy, and what's new @ Cafe Allegre!
Listen here

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