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WoodWinds Bridal Show Talk on WTNH-TV's "CT Style"
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American Idol winner, Nick Fradiani,

chef silvio bethanny frankel
held his WKCI radio event at WoodWinds.  We wish him a long, successful career!

TV personality and author, Bethenny Frankel, held her book-signing party at WoodWinds recently. 

chef silvio bethanny frankel

We had a great time; she's a lovely and smart businesswoman! We swapped books because I wanted to try some of her cocktail recipes and she thought my sauce was "amazing" - now, we're both happy!

Food Network's Celebrity Chef, Maneet Chauhan and Chef Silvio teamed up to help raise money for a very worthy cause.

maneet chauchan and chef silvio

To read more or donate please view here


Chef Silvio on Set Perspective TV Show

Chef Silvio on the set for his new series of "how to" videos on eHow.com and livestrong.com.

Chef Silvio was very honored when ehow.com asked him to be one of their expert Chefs featured on their many sites in the category of Italian, Mediterranean Cuisine.  He is such a hit, that they've asked him back to do many more!

Chef Silvio's How To Videos here

Photos of How to Make Chef Silvio’s Pasta Farfalle With Vodka Sauce

New Haven Register Media Center Pictures of How to Make Chef Silvio's Pasta Farfalle with Vodka Sauce

View Recipe & Photos here

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Chef Silvio's Health Remedy

View video of Chef Silvio here

Chef Silvio on Perspective TV Show

Chef Silvio Cooks Pasta Alla Norma on WTNH-TV

chef silvio pasta al norma

View video of Chef Silvo here

Cafe Allegre supports the community by donating food to the Madison Exchange Club.

Pasta Alla Norma Recipe

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Chef Silvio on WELI

Chef Silvio and Jim Masters

Chef Silvio was on WELI last week with radio host Jim Masters, who is also the national host for PBS, Close-UP TV News & Talk Radio, Connecticut Perspective TV on ABC, WTNH TV. They always have a great time together!

The "Tucci Cookbook" Meets "Cooking with Chef Silvio"!

Chef Silvio and Stanley Tucci

Academy & Golden Globes nominated actor Stanley Tucci discussed food, cookbooks and regions of Italy where Stanley had just returned from with his lovely bride Felicity Blunt.

Chef Silvio is featured on Adventure Tours!

chef silvio adventure tours

View Video of Chef Silvo here

Hear his story and watch him cook a savory dish from his new cookbook!
Tony Danza

chef silvio - tony danza

Chef Silvio & Vittoria exchanged books and stories with Tony Danza. They had lots of laughs and Tony was thrilled to have Silvio's Braciole with Rigatoni!

Chef Silvio on ABC's WTNH-TV

chef silvio - wtnh

View video of Chef Silvo on Channel 8 here

ABC's WTNH-TV Hosts Sonia Baghdady and Darren Kramer watch Chef Silvio Suppa make Steak Pizzaiola.

Steak Pizzaiola Recipe

Hear Chef Silvio's latest natural health remedy

chef silvio natural health

View video of Chef Silvio here

Bobby Flay and Chef Silvio swap their cookbooks!

chef silvio - bobby flay

Flay was in town promoting his new cookbook "Throw Down" and asked Chef Silvio if he could have a copy of his book "Cooking with Chef Silvio" and the two exchanged recipes.

Bobby is Food-TV's star with shows like "Throw Down with Bobby Flay", "Iron Chef America" and "Grill It" along with several cookbooks and restaurants across the nation.


Learn to make Bruchetta! Easy & Cost Effective!

chef silvio - bruschetta

View video of Chef Silvio here

Rachel Ray was in town promoting her cookbook "Look & Cook" and met up with Chef Silvio.

chef silvio - rachel ray

She was thrilled to receive Silvio's cookbook, and they signed copies of their books to each other!


Chef Silvio and Giada De Laurentiis

chef silvio - giada de laurentiiis

shared some "Italian chef-talk" time recently while Giada was in town current cookbook, Giada's Kitchen: New Italian Favorites.

Giada, the granddaughter of famed film producer Dino De Laurentiis, and star of Food Networks' "Everyday Italian," is also an author of several best-selling books.


The Two Chefs!

chef silvio - tyler florence

Food TV star, Tyler Florence (Tyler's Ultimate) exchanged cookbooks with Chef Silvio Suppa, owner of Café Allegre in Madison, CT, as they were both promoting their new cookbooks at R.J. Julia's in Madison.

Silvio and Vittoria with TV's Uber-chef Lidia Bastianich and host of "Lidia"s Italy"

chef silvio - lidia bastianich

They all share a similar background and had a great time speaking with her in their native tongues too!

Food Network's star "Iron Chef" Bobby Flay

chef silvio - bobby flay iron chef

with the owners of Cafe Allegre, Chef Silvio Suppa and his wife Vittoria, @ R.J. Julia's Bookstore in Madison, CT. Flay was promoting his book "Grill It!" and after his book signing he went to the best place to dine...Cafe Allegre, of course!

He dined on Penne Ala Vodka, Chicken with lemon sauce and drank Cantarutti Pinot Grigio. Flay graciously signed autographs as patrons of Cafe Allegre politely approached his table - not wanting to disturb him.

He later signed a photo taken earlier in the day with Chef Silvio and Vittoria stating "Grazie" in their native language. He personally told Chef Silvio that his food was superb and would definitely come back to Cafe Allegre!


Actor and SNL Alum Dan Akroyd

chef silvio - dan akroyd

stopped in for lunch recently on a recommendation by his manager and loved his meal so much he went into the kitchen and invited the Chef and his entire staff to the opening of his new "House of Blues" restaurant at Mohegan Sun Casino.

Rocco DiSpirito and Chef Silvio exchanged books recently while Rocco was in town promoting his new healthy-eating book.

chef silvio - rocco dispirito

They had a lot to chat about as Rocco had just returned from Campania, Silvio's homeland, while writing his next book due out later next year.


Oscar nominee and Golden Globe award winner, Tom Berenger, with Chef Silvio at WoodWinds

chefsilvio - tomberenger

Oscar nominee and Golden Globe award winner, Tom Berenger, with Chef Silvio at WoodWinds attending his son's wedding! Only the best for Tom's son and that would be WoodWinds and Chef Silvio!  Tom conversed in Italian with Silvio and did a great job: A man of many talents!

Chef Silvio Suppa with TV Food Star Emeril Lagasse

chef silvio - emeril lagasse

They spoke about Emeril's cookbook "Emeril at the Grill" and he shared with Chef Silvio that his dad was instrumental in getting him hooked on grilling and his dad is still grilling today!


Chef Silvio and Martha Stewart

chef silvio - martha stewart

Time to make room!

Martha Stewart was pleased to hear that Chef Silvio is coming out with his own cookbook, "Cooking with Chef Silvio:  Stories and Authentic Recipes from Campania" and wished him well!


Chef Silvio and Rocco DiSpirito

chef silvio - rocco dispirito

Chef Silvio with his new friend, Rocco DiSpirito. Rocco was in town recently promoting his new book "Rocco Gets Real" and had heard rave reviews from his friends about Cafe Allegre. Rocco and Silvio's family come from the same region in Italy. Maybe they're long lost cousins?


Chef Silvio was interviewed by Fox-TV's hosts Rachel Luzker and Jeff Valin

Chef Silvio on Better Connecticut

chef silvio - better connecticut

CBS affiliate WFSB-TV invited Chef Silvio to be on their "Better Connecticut" program with hosts Scot Haney and Kara Sundlun. Chef Silvio made one of his favorite fall dishes, "Pumpkin Risotto."

The Chef also surprised them with his homemade "Pumpkin Chips"!  A great innovative crunchy topping complimenting his creamy mixture of Arborio Rice and sautèed pumpkin. When you're dining at Cafe Allegre ask the Chef about this dish and his delicious Pumpkin Chips!!

Pumpkin Risotto Recipe

Chef Silvo Suppa Of Cafe Allegre Joins Scot & Kara

chef silvio - better connecticut

Better Connecticut CBS's Better Connecticut Health Remedies Chef Silvio with Anthony Riccio gives hosts, Scott & Kara, a sneak peek into their book about the benefits from natural remedies....direct from the gardens of Italy!

Read about the Health Remedies in Chef Silvio's Book at www.chefsilvios.com

Sonia Baghdady with Chef Silvio.

chef silvio - sonia baghdady

chef silvio - rachel luzker

They joined in to help make a Suppa family favorite -Cannoli Cake! We heard that they fought over the crumbs after he left the building! Check out the easy and delicious recipe online.

View video of Chef Silvio here

Cannoli Cake Recipe


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